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Make Money With JVZooHost!

JVZooHost Takes Care Of Affiliates - With Big $$ Potential!!

At JVZooHost we know affiliates can be a major part of advertisement for us so we make sure we compensate them for that! Most hosting companies will only pay an affiliate one time and then keep the rest of the payments the customer makes. JVZooHost pays you EVERY time someone you refer makes a payment to us! Make up to 30% recurring commisions for the lifetime of the customer! Sign up for the affiliate program today and start earning recurring commissions. It's free to join and simple to sign up.

Here are just a few things available to you in the affiliate program:

  • We payout the highest recurring commissions in the industry
  • Real time stats and reporting
  • Tested High converting banner ads
  • Commissions on in demand web services
  • We pay MONTHLY for the life of your referrals

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How it Works

How it Works

JVZooHost makes it simple to get up and running promoting our services for commissions. Once you sign up, you'll have instant access to our pre-tested high converting banners and text links. You can use these on your blogs, emails, websites or any other digital property you own.

We pay the highest recurring commission for hosting in the industry at 30%. Each time a customer you refer to us makes a payment, you get your percentage of that for bringing them to us. Nobody in the industry does affiliate commissions on hosting like this. We look at it as we wouldn't have them if not for the affiliate, so the affiliate deserves to be rewarded for the life of the customer.

Inside you'll find real time stats and reporting so you can see just how many sales you've made and how much you're next pay out will be.

We've made the process as simple as you will find. Sign up for free and start referring people to JVZooHost and get paid!

How Much Can You Make?

How Much Can You Make?

One of the big questions we get asked is How much can I make? The answer is as much as you want!

Most hosting companies pay out what is called a CPA or cost per action. This means you bring someone to them that signs up and you get a one time payment for that referral. You have to keep them coming in order to continue to make money. Not at JVZooHost!

At JVZooHost, we pay out recurring commissions at an industry high 30% for the life of the customer. As long as they continue to use our hosting services, you continue to get paid.

The more people you refer, the more recurring commissions you can make. Having hosting is one of the necessities in an online business, so each client could be a recurring paycheck to your for a long time.

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Contact us if you need help or have questions about your account, or need assistance selecting the right hosting plan for your next project.

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Contact us if you need help or have questions about your account, or need assistance selecting the right hosting plan for your next project.